Social Network Overload!

In 2014, there were 1.79 BILLION social network users worldwide. It is projected that in 2016 this number will be greater than 2 Billion!*

That is insane. That’s roughly ¼ of the world is on at least one social network. Factoring in babies and children and those who don’t have access to the internet, that is huge portion of the world’s population using social networks. And I have a hunch - and statistical projections agree - that the number of users is going to continue to increase.

It’s pretty evident that there’s a mass market to be reached through social network sites, apps, and platforms. The trick is how to engage with these people…

You need to bring content to consumers that is exciting and relevant to them! Here’s a great blog post that outlines engaging with consumers through social media. It emphasizes listening to our audience, asking and answering questions, and being “real”. Following these pointers will definitely be helpful. Focus on who your target is, where they are (what social sites they’re on) and what they care about. Keep in mind you are still competing with all the conversations and sharing taking place out there, and you need a “action” that will generate hype, discussion, or sharing around your brand.

…A contest with a enticing grand prize that must be shared by the entrant (spreading your message) is a great method to growing your brand online!


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